Photos with Putin

Canadian speed skater Brittany Schussler posted to your Twitter photo and wrote:
"I had to ask him to be my Valentine." But she was forced to remove the picture. When a Canadian speed skater Brittany Schussler posted a Twitter photo where she is standing next to the president of Russia, the girl hit an unprecedented barrage of criticism. Canadians accused Shussler in support of the "tyrant who persecutes representatives of LGBT». Frightened athlete, did not expect such a wild response, delete the picture and said that it was misunderstood.

Translation: "I see that you distribute my photo with Putin. To be clear, I was just kidding, so do not want to be misunderstood, supporting his views ».

"I'm not a fan of Mr. Putin, as I live and work in the former Soviet Union, but those who criticize this girl should shut up and get to work. She participates in the Olympic Games, and then came to visit the leader of the host country of the competition, one of the main rivals ... Now all intolerant fools, obsessed with one topic and confident in their own right, standing back under the rock from under which they got out, "- writes user scopa.
"This is the Olympics, here all nations peacefully compete with each other in sports disciplines. Not to involve policy here. Tired of that now all the "news" are drawn from social networks "- angry Chapman.
"Brittany, you will not be sorry ... Some people think that the world should revolve only around the gay community as it was three years ago, but it is not. In the world there are many important issues, and if this issue is not swallowed up all your life, it does not mean that you are a homophobe, "- says user THIRD.
And while Canada is below the falls in the team event, anti-Russian hysteria Canadians gaining momentum. Following Shussler delete your photos from the meeting with Putin had his wife Gladys Canadian skater Stojko. Moreover, the frightened reaction compatriots woman even close your account on the social network.




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