Shocking China

Since ancient times, China has attracted the attention of an extraordinary culture and traditions. However, with the rapid economic growth in this state, a whole series of problems which can only be seen in this country. Fire extinguishers with the squares
Square Self in China, has become the most popular form of protest. Therefore, all the area patrolled by fire.
People spend thousands of dollars on walnuts.
Wealthy Chinese with disabilities investments, invest in walnuts. They even began to forge filling cement to increase the weight.


Officials buy gilt sweets
Whether the officials in China, as well as in Russia, roof tear on the capabilities, or something else, but the fact remains.
People were arrested for spreading rumors about the apocalypse on the Mayan calendar.
93 people were arrested for spreading rumors about the apocalypse 21.12.2012. Here though officials did the right thing.


Thousands of dead pigs floating in the Chinese river
Nearly six thousand dead pigs were found in the Huangpu River near Shanghai. Pigs died because of the virus, which, as officials say, is not dangerous to humans.


Robbers cemeteries and payment for the death of a spouse
In China, people can look forward to a good payment for the death of a breadwinner, and that enterprising residents dug fresh corpses and present them as killed in fire breadwinners. It was a whole gang, who managed to make 10 successful transactions.
Ghost Town
Around the city are growing, but no one can afford to buy an apartment.


Fathers hired killers online.
Everyone has heard the story that a Chinese father hired several professional players and pumped WOW, so they killed the hero of his son as soon as he came out to the network? China ...
The government announced a ban on advertising gifts and luxury goods, and this is a direct impact on the economy.
In an attempt to deal with the craving for luxury, Beijing banned the advertising of these things. This immediately affected the retail sales.


Wealthy Chinese are satisfied with the review of the bride to choose a single. Money to lure thousands of girls, and boys come ...
Divorce to avoid paying tax.
China has set the bar at a tax rate of 20% of the purchase value of the home, if the family has more first home. What do the Chinese? They are bred and sold the house. Just this tax does not apply to single people.


A complete ban on information about the truth about the rich site was blocked across China since he "dared" to publish the real incomes of the rich Chinese tycoon Xi Jinping.
"White-collar workers" are sentenced to death for violating the law corporate executives.

It is not surprising that for all the scandals in the banking sector in China not pay life leaders and officials, and ordinary clerks.


Bridges collapse during the opening
Bridge Qingdao worth 14800 million yuan, by definition, dangerous and unfit for use.
Talented children are replaced by cute children.
China lied about a little girl who sang "Ode to the Motherland" at the Beijing Olympics. We actually heard the voice of Ian Peyia, while it was "not beautiful enough", so Lin Miaoke just opened his lips during the song. Officials commented: "The audience will understand, because it is in the national interest."


TV programs are based on interviews with criminals on death row.
Who are interested to know what he wants to say a suicide bomber an hour before the execution of the verdict? Chinese.
For the rich sit in prisons of their "twins»
In China, people with money are serving time for violating the law wealthy.


Chinese high-speed trains are the most dangerous in the world.
Yes, the Chinese can build everything. Even high-speed trains. But as they build, you know. That's because after 4 months after the opening of the crash 40 people died and 200 were injured.
Chinese iPhone clones are legal in China
In China, as in Russia, there is no Apple Store, but the fake stores and phones have probably more than the originals in the US


Milk with mercury.
In Chinese milk you can find everything except milk there and mercury and detergent ... Dream of the periodic table.
River in China can be any color.
That there just is not drained ...


Companies hang the net to catch those who want to commit suicide
You've all heard that Foxconn (the company on whose power and made iPhony) has established a network in factories and dormitories to catch suicides. The company also spends a large pile of money to keep the state hundreds of psychiatrists.




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