Top 7 cases of downtime known services and resources in 2013

Despite the fact that information technology is developing very rapidly, the problem is still there. In particular, yet nobody has been able to achieve absolute protection from emergency situations. Typhoons, power outages, the human factor - all this leads to downtime and unusable sites / services. About the most significant problems in 2013 is worth remembering before the new 2014 year.

Problems with Visa services in Canada h4>

In the financial sector inefficiency service / equipment, even a few seconds can lead to financial losses znachichtelnym. Especially when it comes to payment processing. So, this year, on January 28 in Canada to cease all services from Visa.

Problems arose because of a power failure in the data center Total System Services Inc. (TSS) - is one of the largest payment processing services in North America. Problems affected all cardholders Visa, issued by CIBC, Royal Bank of Canada and TD Canada Trust.

Problems with BlueHost, HostGator, HostMonster h4>

One of the largest web hosting providers the world stopped working on August 2 this year, when there were problems in the data center company located in Utah. The problem arose as a result of hardware failure with standard preventive procedure server, which resulted in a cascade of failures of equipment throughout the data center.

Of course, the sites of clients of the company at that time did not work, and it is - many hundreds of thousands of resources and services.

Windows Azure, Xbox Live h4>

Inside the data center Microsoft i>

Due to market gaming console Xbox One, and the increased burden on the company's servers, "cloud" services Windows Azure began to malfunction. As a result - problems with the Xbox Live. Throughout the day the service users as noted failures preserving data and a corresponding multiplayer games.

And before that, in March, Microsoft has had problems with its mail service when and Hotmail and
did not work for 16 hours. Then problems arose as a result of problems with the software update.

Outage in DreamHost h4>

Another largest hosting provider, the company DreamHost, failed to ensure the efficiency of its services as a result of power outage data center company. It happened on March 20 that led to the shutdown of resources 350,000 customers for a period of two days.

One can only imagine what damage received commercial organizations due to cessation of work on their sites.

Amazon Web Services h4>

Cloud services from Microsoft were not alone in their problems with the equipment and software. The same problem arose with Amazon Web Services, in August. Then for a while stopped working even website Amazon.

In September, Friday the 13th, the problem persists, then the services have been affected by Heroku and Github among others.

Despite all these problems, Amazon Web Services still are much better when compared with 2012. h4>

Perhaps the problem with the service, which was created as part of a major project to reform the insurance system in the United States, can be called "Epic Fail". The service, which was created based on attendance in the hundreds of thousands (if not millions) could not start work in early December.

That is one problem, then another, then a technical failure, the human factor. As a result of the launch of the service can hardly be called "successful." Rather, it is one of the demonstrations of how not to work.

Yahoo Mail h4>

This month, December, there were problems with Yahoo Mail, and the service had problems not an hour or two, and four days. Mailer for a company this case can be called unprecedented.

Marissa Mayer, the current head of the company, said that any complex equipment problems, and one of the problems - the refusal storage.



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