Unknown man with a difficult fate of Ukraine to the north of the Republic of Komi. Under Vorkuta. For monetary signs wherever they will not go.
Human labor, thinking how quickly to shift from wild edges. And then invite him to the wedding of a classmate. Which is in the same Komi caught. Only in the capital of the republic - Syktyvkar. As soon as a problem arises. Money is almost zero, and the need to comply. Since the classmate's dad and uncle already serious at the time (as in the court of the mid-nineties, for a moment!) Disposable personal aircraft. Well, the reality of Komi - plus the distance of the road, there is no airplane business person, and there is nothing to do.
Well, first it was necessary to choose an appropriate outfit. Yeah, I picked it up. On the whole village (ten thousand) - the only suit the desired size tender green tie to match suit. There is no choice. Clothed young man in this masterpiece of sewing and tailoring. He looks at himself in the mirror and sees a cross between Greenpeace and the Irish fighter. All in green. Fuck it, I think everyone will remember that I followed the fashion, I will say that this is the last word in St. Petersburg fashion. And serving the wedding.
But there is another thorny issue - what to give. However, in the absence of funds, it appears, is not a problem. He went to the first store near the airport and even bought something that lacked denezhek. And at eight dollars only lasted for a wildly painted samovar. Who also presented the newlyweds.
And now died down Noces, Dad reveals other gifts, and our hero is on the rights of others in the same room. Dad very impartially speaks about the majority of donors, including what to put it mildly, rather niggardly. Comes the turn of the samovar. Then head of the family suddenly pritsokivaet tongue wagging samovar and breathlessly said:
Well, Vitek! Oh, thanks! What painting! Well this is probably handmade. Five hundred dollars, probably worth it. Khokhloma?
What Vitek swallowing stuck in his throat of unknown origin, and only know what to say:
 - She did not. It Gzhel. Khokhloma - it has more red and black tones. Here blue.


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