Now we will go to England, namely in Hampshire - a beautiful county, which is located in the south of the UK. Hampshire is the capital of Winchester. As for the population of the county, it is about 1 250 000 people, while among counties it occupies third place in terms of population.

The first mention of Hampshire indicates the year 755, at the time it was written down as Hamtunscir («Hamtunskir"). When the Normans conquered England, the Norman kings liked Hampshire, in particular, they loved to hunt in these places.

Hampshire - an incredibly beautiful place that boasts a unique nature. This county park is famous «New Forest», a place where English kings hunted - about 400 square meters. kilometers of meadows and woods where the cattle, deer and ponies roam freely and naturally.

In addition, Hampshire is known for its mineral springs, most of which were built Roman baths. It is worth noting that the county boasts many cricket and yacht clubs.

It is notorious in Hampshire Truktonskaya track, which becomes a place of car racing. By the way, this track boasts its own museum, which is called «National Motor Museum». It must be said that in Hampshire regular airshow. One of the most visited places in this county also is Jane Austen's House Museum. And indeed, in the territory of Hampshire are many mansions and palaces of the most diverse historical periods.

Hampshire County - the place once in which you begin to wonder why having lived so long, got here just now.


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