Scientists have invented a new "anti-aging medicine"

Scientists were able to develop new drugs based on resveratrol, which will significantly extend the life of the person, and also help prevent Alzheimer's disease, cancer, heart problems and diabetes type, writes The Daily Mail.
The sale is expected to these drugs can do in the next five years.

Recall that resveratrol - a natural component of grapes and red wine, which is also found in nuts and cocoa. By increasing the activity of the protein SIRT1, it has a rejuvenating effect.

In vivo SIRT1 «run» when the reduced calorie intake and exercise, but its performance can be enhanced by means of activators, the most common of which is resveratrol.

Currently, scientists have created about 4,000 synthetic activators that are currently being tested on patients, and about 100 times more effective than a glass of wine. It is expected that in the future will enter the market drugs that can treat one disease at the same time to prevent 20 diseases and slow the aging process.


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