Central Park from a height of 800 meters, New York (3 pics + panorama)

Central Park (Eng. Central Park) in New York is one of the largest and most famous parks in the world. The park is located on the island of Manhattan between 59th and 110th Street and Fifth and Eighth Avenue, and thus has a rectangular shape. Length Park - 4 km, width - 800 meters, total area - 3, 4 km ^ 2 (almost twice the area of ​​Monaco). The park is visited by about 25 million people per year, it is the most visited park in the United States, and its showing in many films and television shows make the park one of the most famous in the world. Park served by The Nature Conservancy Central Park (Engl. Central Park Conservancy), a private nonprofit organization that manages the park under a contract with the Department of Parks and Recreation (Eng. Department of Parks and Recreation) in New York City.




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