Amazing things!

In this post, I propose to look at the images that will transform your idea of ​​the world.

This picture Alyssa Monks

Bulbs at burnout

Juggling smoky bubble

Kinetic sculptures from steel
Anthony Howe The sculptor of the American Anthony Howe (Anthony Howe) the past 17 years engaged in making autonomous kinetic sculptures. The peculiarity of such works, such that they react to environment light and wind. Anthony Howe explains: I'm trying, with cost savings, build objects, visual science-fiction, related to microbiological or astronomical models. In manufacturing used primarily stainless steel or fiberglass. Several axes balance between a symmetrical and asymmetrical, with a view to create a visually satisfying three-dimensional harmony.

The circulatory system of the human

Amazing illusion with dinosaurs

The night sky of Van Gogh

Fans annealed at the stadium!

Beautiful volcanic eruption in Indonesia. This effect is created by the molten sulfur, which is getting into the atmosphere, creating a blue flame.

Statue of paper


Sagrada Familia
Man, first glancing at this building, experiencing a shock. First of all it concerns the facades, which, thanks to the author's imagination, striking in their originality and uniqueness. Of all the most beautiful facades can be safely called the facade of "Christmas." The fact that Gaudi worked not only on the architecture of the building, and it is another of its painter. All figures carved crosses and deposited it in his sketches. Gaudi died before the finished construction of the temple. But during the period of his life that he dedicated the construction of the temple, under his leadership, builders, decorators and artists have done a great job.

Gargoyles on the trees. Light installation Clement Brieuc

This art project is a light installation, which is based - the author's desire to explore the possibilities of night and pre-dawn twilight, and the potential of different light sources. For an art project in the park of Saint-Cloud, he used projectors directional light, illuminating them the trees so that the light of paint scary faces monsters, gargoyles. A light breeze stirring the leaves, helped revive the characteristic images.

One Day on Earth

Canoeing on a crystal clear lake, Italy

Above the sky, Mount Everest.

Spoon for patients with Parkinson's disease

That's the way to look our sky at night, if the closest galaxy to us, Andromeda was brighter


Just a table that holds a bucket to stand on it!


The power of erosion.


American engineer and programmer Kevin Gill (Kevin Gill) showed images of Mars as it might look from outer space in the past, if it was life.


Two remarkable astronomical infographic created Syke Roberto (Roberto Ziche). The first shows the comparative size of the planets of our solar system and the stars, and the second shows how much sunlight gets each planet. In addition, it lets you know how big the sun appears to observers located in different dreams of the solar system.




Talent from Thailand.
Incredible carving. The best I've seen in this plan !!!


66 years since the invention of the Wright brothers airplane, before the first manned flight to the moon


British artist Stephen Wiltshire (Stephen Wiltshire) is famous for its scenery depicting the big cities, busy streets and densely populated areas. He draws all of these kinds (down to the smallest detail) memory, has been dubbed the "Live Camera».




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