"pure blood" dogs

The so-called "pure" dogs often leads to the appearance of a large number of animal genetic diseases.
Photos taken from the left side of the book in 1915 "Dogs of all nations." Right - the modern breed. Bull Terrier was a beautiful dog sports. No ugly face and pendulous abdomen. The new shape of the skull has led to problems with teeth and progressive deafness. Besides the dog congenital dislocation of the elbow and frequent sunburns.

Basset Hound by reducing the hind legs to get even more problems with the spine and hip dysplasia. Because of this, the dog is gaining weight quickly, which only aggravates her illness. Persistent problems with the eyes - from glaucoma to ectropion (cherry eye). Maybe big ears and look cute, but they cause the dog great discomfort.

Shortening muzzle boxer leads to problems with his teeth and ears. Many puppies are born deaf in one or both ears. Often entropion (inversion century). There are several disorders related to the conservation of their appearance - aortic stenosis, and arrhythmogenic right ventricular cardiomyopathy, hypothyroidism and bloating.

English bulldog - one of the most sensitive dogs. In fact, no such thing - a healthy Bulldog: hip dysplasia, congenital dislocation of the elbow, tracheal hypoplasia, dermatitis, skin folds, brachycephalic syndrome, entropion ... Maintaining breed made it impossible childbirth without medical intervention. The average life expectancy - a total of 6, 25 years

Even a German shepherd, which has often been the standard "real" dog degraded. In his book "Dogs of All Nations" is described by the standard 25-30 kg. Today it is artificial increase a dog with an average weight of 55 - 60 kg. This immediately problems with the spine and hind legs. Dysplasia elbow and hip, intervertebral disc disease, lameness. As well as diabetes, cataracts and all kinds of tumor.

Pugs, like all brachycephalics have huge problems with breathing and prone to respiratory illness. The shortened muzzle always leads to problems with teeth and infections of the skin folds in the face. They are characterized by obesity. Encephalitis pugs is a genetic disease. Symptoms of the disease seizures, disorientation, blindness, coma and death. However, the pugs could suffer from epilepsy, which in no way associated with encephalitis.

And St. Bernard strongly put on weight. Those elbow dysplasia and hip dislocation of the patella, bloating. Often congenital deafness and epilepsy. In addition, breeders heavily built up his skin. Because of this, the dog quickly overheat. With all the ensuing consequences. And cataracts, cherry eye, eversion and inversion century.

We fees decreased hind legs, which immediately gives problems with his feet and spine. Taxes have become much faster gain weight. Problems with intervertebral disks can make the dog a cripple.

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