10 mistakes in personal development

1. Lack of clear objectives. Like it seems so simple - take and formulate the goal. But, in reality, many people can not quite clearly utter his wish and use some vague wording. The objective should be clearly set, otherwise you will not know what to strive for.

2. Doubts and fears. Brain in solving any important task in life sends us such signals. And we begin to torment doubts: if I can? And suddenly fail? And why bother to think about it? You need to take and try. You say: Yes, I have tried many times and no result! What can answer: Probably not as something done. In fact it turns out the other. So you need to sit down and think about what you're doing wrong.

3. Lack of planning. Without planning is impossible to set goals. If nothing is planned, too much time will go just anywhere.

4. Lack of action. When you set a goal and plan every step, then immediately begin to act. Only action will help you to gradually move to the final result of your goal.

5. The opinion of other people. A common mistake is listening for the opinion of loved ones. They will repeat to you: Do not do it, it still does not work. I tried to (a), this embodiment bad job, etc. What did not work for some of these people does not mean that will not work and you.

6. Lack of persistence. And who said it would be easy? Yes, sometimes you want to drop everything and start living like everyone else, but you can then hate myself all my life for this weakness.

7. The absence of a mentor. You can achieve anything on its own, but it is not known how long it will take time. It is much easier to find a mentor who will help you quickly find out that you need.

8. Setting. Change your environment to people more motivated and successful. Once these people are able to encourage you to become the same person! This is very important.

9. Lack of training. Training is essential for personal and professional growth. New knowledge contribute to the expansion of your capabilities.

10. The impossibility of abstraction. Dwell on its growth is not worth it. It should also be able to relax and distract from everything, and even close to a nervous breakdown. There will be a good helper humor. The ability to laugh at oneself is inherent only really strong people!


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