Songkran Festival or Thai New Year water (22 photos)

In Thailand, the new year will not celebrate the winter, but they have and there is no winter. Thais like to joke about their climate, the question - how many seasons in Thailand,
the correct answer two. And what? Hot and very hot. New Year is celebrated in Thailand from 13 to 15 April, three days, but it's official,
and not officially it has been delayed for more than 5 days. Called the new year in Thailand - Songkran, the name goes back to ancient India.
Songkran transfer from sansrita - "transition" in this context refers to the change of the year.
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The great thing about this festival - is pouring water for three days, plus smearing white clay. These days water machines, guns are sold by street vendors at every step, and you can buy the different weapons from a simple water pistol for 40 baht (our money 10 USD) to the water meter machine that will shoot far and have a large margin water. All Thais are ready and waiting for Songkran long before, buy machines, plan where and with whom to shoot. April 13 from little to big smiles and take machines and forth on the street water fights. It should be noted that pour water on a hot day is very nice and fun.


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