The best gift

This morning I came home to his parents, he rented an apartment, so it is more convenient to get to work. Surprised that the house is empty. On the table is a note in the kitchen and two thousand. Rubles ... Note from Mom: Happy, all the cases, it is the father of us a present, we are in the new year to my grandmother in the village ... so NO PARTIES in our home, I brought before leaving Ideal ORDER !!! & quot ;. Well, I'm in a little anticipation of a good new year (which now have to celebrate with friends) started to get out of the bag my laptop ... When I opened it, I saw a note on the keyboard and 5 th. Rubles. Note from the Pope: "The apartment will spread - kill. Mom said that the machine was broken, so we will go by bus, the keys in the pocket where the charger. Raznesesh car - well, you understand. Money on gasoline I'll leave. Happy new year son !!! "I sit and pinch myself, I'm afraid to wake up, because now in my possession three-bedroom flatlet and Prado 150. DAD I LOVE YOU !!!!!!!!!))))) )))))))
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