The country wants to know the name of the hero

 - We have several clients in the agency of the hundreds of "Forbes", - says the director of the production center "Prince" Sergei Knyazev. - But there are originals that do not want to lock-star-parties. For example, for three consecutive years for one very well-known businessman, we perform an unusual order. The first time he sent his family on the island, and he remained in Moscow. We dressed him Santa Claus, his two guards - penguins me - leshim, Snow White took a professional. For some reason he wanted to go in Marino, in a large apartment building. We bought a bus gifts. Rang at the door, gave gifts, play with the kids. Began at 11 pm, finished at 5am. The following year, the oligarch and his wife did not go, took the family and went to the same scenario. The role of Santa Claus has become a tradition for him. And this year it will do the same.


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