Wedding locks and Charles Bridge (7 photos)

In Prague there is a bridge, where the couple at the wedding ceremony, passing through it, hang on the grid locks.
But since the bridge (Charles Bridge) is one of the main historical and architectural sights of Prague every week comes a team of workers and cut down the locks.

The place where the mesh Locks, famous - it is here that the water thrown into the Vltava bag priest John of Nepomuk, one of the three enemies of King Wenceslas IV. Before his death, Jan terribly tortured and then drowned alive.

They say the place where the priest drowned in water lit five stars, because now he is always portrayed that way, with the stars. Here in the stone bridge and cross inserted at the beginning of the last century set grille.

The body of John of Nepomuk was recovered from the water, and was buried in the cathedral of St. Vitus in Prague. In 1729, Mr. He was canonized. By the way, about the Nepomuk is a fragment of "Svejk" Hasek. - Previously, - said Schweik, - there are much worse. I read in some book that the accused to prove his innocence, had to walk barefoot on the red-hot iron and drink molten lead. And who does not like to admit to his feet wore Spanish boots and climbing rack or torch burning fire side, like that as it did with St. Jan Nepomuk. He said so while screaming like a knife cut, and has not ceased to roar as long as it is not in waterproof bags thrown from the bridge Elishkina *. * With Elishkinym bridge Svejk was wrong - it was the Charles Bridge, one of which with a lattice work cut today Wedding locks. Passing by Praguers strongly expressed its approval - a new tradition nobody likes.

Even yesterday, with the old Prague Nerudova street looked like.


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