Love locks

Castle of love - padlock, which has long been symbolized strong feelings for each other lovers and advocates pledge their allegiance. The key is usually thrown into the river or lake. Now they can be found on bridges, lampposts, trees and just on the railing. I suggest you look at some interesting and noteworthy locks. First bought a house together. At such a young family in Russia can accumulate exactly)))

The most common in the territory of our country. Our with his wife somewhere in Ussuriysk this same

So many impersonal, there are those where the same is not clear where the "M", and where "F»

A lot of castles in the form of double hearts as this one. Demand creates supply

The fastening system upgraded

A bit of glamor, everything has to be in the trend

Glamour + stern Far character

Bought in a hurry to "nankeen" + bike protivougonki

Trying creative approach to non-kosher castle

Judging from bonded together castles, we see the birth of the Swedish family)

Red color unloved family

Exclusive Angel

Art in the barn castle. Mentally

Left patsansky, no frills. My husband bought probably

The bottom is also exclusive. Art

Nothing unusual

New and old

The Italian tradition with Russian motives

Embellishment Chinese invention floral bow

Lesch with someone. We see who's the boss in the house

Oh, handmade

Banter newlyweds

Serge was not able to finish with someone. Do not remember)))



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