Bets on horse racing

Horse racing is common in many countries, from the UK to the UAE. According to one version, this sport laid the foundation for the birth of betting in the form in which it is presented now. This article will be about how to bet on horse races correctly so as not to drain the bankroll at once and what features this type of betting has.
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Horse Racing Rules

Before placing bets on horse racing at a bookmaker, it is useful to familiarize yourself with the basic rules. There are several different odds for the same outcome in the line. As a rule, this is:
  • Early quotes, denoted by the abbreviation «EP». Exhibited after the approval of the participants and until the withdrawal of horses to the hippodrome. This usually happens a day or two before the start.
  • Board odds, they are also «BP». These quotes are relevant at the time of the withdrawal of the horses to the yard of the hippodrome.
  • Starting quotes or «SP». You can bet on them just before the start.
Usually these indicators do not differ much, although there are exceptions. In addition to the coefficients, it is worth considering the features of the payout of winnings. The methodology for calculating bets on horse racing is as follows:
  • If a false start was recorded by the judges or another incident occurred that initiated a rerun, then the amount of winnings depends on the number of participants who took part in the second race.
  • If the race is canceled or if there is one horse at the start, bets will be calculated with a coefficient of 1.
  • If one trotter comes to the finish line, then the maximum distance is taken into account in the calculation. In the absence of one of the “athletes”, several hulls are added to the remaining horse, depending on the type of race.
  • To win a race between two horses, one trotter must cross the finish line. If the horses finished at the same time or failed to complete the race, then the bet is settled with a refund.
These are the basic rules that are typical for all bookmakers. Each betting company may have its own rules, which should be studied in advance.

Types of bets

You can bet on horse racing on the following events:
  • The victory of a particular «athlete».
  • Selection of the winner in several races.
  • Occupation of a prize-winning place by a specific horse.
  • Bet on a win or a prize.
  • The choice of a horse that will be more agile than a particular opponent (indicated in the line by the market «Who is higher»).
Also, bookmakers offer to conclude long-term deals for the winner of a particular tournament.

Live bets

Online horse racing betting has some special features compared to pre-match betting. In particular, bookmakers broadcast the race with a slight delay. If we take into account that the race lasts no more than two minutes, and in the sprint even several tens of seconds, then this must be remembered. This advantage is used by players located on the hippodrome. They see the current situation in real time and can load the line.

Pro Tips

In order for horse racing in a bookmaker’s office to bring not only viewing pleasure, but also to increase the game bank, it would be useful to heed the advice of experienced bettors:
  • For sprint it is better to choose young trotters. In 8 out of 10 cases, young horses actively «tear» from the start and if the distance is short, then they are among the winners. In long-distance races, it is better to choose experienced «athletes».
  • In starts with one turn, horses with a long stroke have an advantage. The starting number in such races does not matter.
  • Various rest periods. The full recovery of the horse after the sprint is longer and can take 3-4 weeks. «Athletes» involved in long-distance races do not need so much rest time, and long breaks only negatively affect their fitness.