Pin-up online casino with real payouts

A few words should be said about the features of online betting, as they are often the main tool for winning and raise the mood of the betterer well.

On the pin up casinohome page or in the Line block/Find a match online, for example, you liked the games of the Spanish Premiere: Barcelona – Real Madrid. The bet on the outcome looks like this:
1,80 – 3,30 – 2,15 .
You want to bet 1500 AZT and calculate the possible winnings in advance. It will be like this:
  • Barcelona's win is 2700 (1500x1.80).
  • Real Madrid's win is 3225 (1500x2.15).
  • Draw – 4950 (1500x3.30).

If you look at the net income, then you will win 1200, 1750 or 3450 AZT (win 1, win 2 or draw).

If you bet on the «win or draw» line of the team, then the winnings will be slightly less, but the risk is also reduced. For the Barcelona – Real Madrid match, the bets are 1X: 1.50 and X2: 1.85. 

If you bet on 1 X 1500, you will win 2250 (750 net), if the bet is on X2 (Real or draw), then 2775 or 1275 net will come into the balance.

The difference is noticeable, when using the «win or draw» line, part of the coefficient is lost (15-20%), but the risk of defeat is also reduced. Which option to choose is a betterer's business, someone likes more risk in a more reliable way for a bigger win, someone is insured to the maximum and wins a little, but reduces the risks to a possible minimum. In online betting, you need to be prepared for frequent cambacks, for which they pre-analyze matches so that the next turn of events does not put you in a dead end. It is also important to react quickly to current events and place a bet quickly while the odds are playing on your side. Online bets are constantly changing, but your step will be fixed at the coefficient that was at the time of the active action. Here are some more tips for online betting betters:
  • Try not only to track the statistics of the current match, but also to watch it online – this will allow you to feel the game or a duel in martial arts.
  • If you see that your online bet has every chance of losing (the camback has gone and the coefficient has changed dramatically), then bet on the opposite result. So it will turn out to win back some of the losses.
  • Use a catch-up strategy if you want to minimize risks.

It is necessary to put coins online on the Pin up, and in another bookmaker, if you understand the sport thoroughly. We do not recommend just betting on a beautiful coefficient, since this is a direct step to losing. The PIN UP bookmaker entered the market in 2014, and has already managed to declare itself on the positive side. Pin up has received an official license and today is legal in the country. A fast-growing company attracts customers with quite good coefficients, a high-quality bonus program and guaranteed payouts.

PIN UP company occupies a worthy position in the rating of bookmakers due to the fact that it continues to actively develop and provide bettors with excellent conditions for interesting bets.