Spring Fortune at SL Casino Riga: Come and Get 2500 + Jackpot

Spring is a great time to try your luck at one of the best casinos in Riga. The Spring Fortune promotion is held at SL Casino Riga every week during spring with the final draw on Friday. The draw starts at 22:00. The total prize pool for participants is 2500 Euros + JP. The drawing consists of two games.

The prize draw is held using the wheel of fortune. 2500 euros allocated for prizes divided into 6 parts: two for 250 each; as well as one win with the amount of 300; 400; 500; 800 euros.

There is also one Jackpot. Therefore, only one winning coupon stock is pulled from the lotto. The JP prize is 500 euro. If the jackpot is not played, the amount goes to the next final action, respectively, the next JP prize will be 1000 euro, and so on. The maximum amount of JP can be 2,500 euros, if the owners of happy coupons are not in the casino during the draw, then, when the maximum is reached, JP is played until the winner is determined.

To take part in the promotion, SL Casino players must receive a unique draw coupon. To get a coupon, the guest just has to play in the casino. Each stage of the spring promotion lasts one week. A new game always starts on Friday at 18:00 and ends another week later, again on Friday, 18:00. Coupons that players receive for Spring Fortune are valid only for the specified stage of the promotion and only for one week.

The more visits you make, the more game coupons you can get. Coupons are played out after the completion of each business day. Naturally, they are issued to those players who were at the casino that day.

Please note that the player’s presence in SL Casino is mandatory in order to receive a win! You can find out the number of Spring Fortune coupons from the manager.

About SL Casino

SL Casino is an elegant VIP casino, which is the fourth Shangri La network’s unit, famous in Eastern Europe and the post-Soviet countries. The network is managed by Storm International, Michael Boettcher founded it, he is also head of the company since 1992. The brand started its business in Moscow and immediately began work at a high level, just like the gambling Las Vegas business. Strict rules, hospitable attitude to visitors and fair play are the hallmarks of Shangri La.

The opening of SL Casino in Latvia was held in 2017, the exclusive Grand Hotel Kempinski in the very center of Riga was chosen for accommodation. The historic building is ideal for the location of a VIP casino. By the way, there are still only a few high level establishments in Latvia.

SL offers relaxation in a luxurious setting, the interiors are created in the Art Deco style using designer furniture, carpets and decor items. There are two floors for the games. The ground flour is entirely devoted to the slot machines. And the first is suitable for the table games. Here you will find roulette, poker and blackjack.

There is also a VIP club in the casino, with a personal, closed VIP hall. It opens its doors only to club card holders. VIP guest get the opportunity to play with very high stakes and get really impressive winnings. Also, special guests are provided with concierge service, hotel accommodation and a list of additional services, noted Darren Keane, Shangri La Managing Director.

Like all high level gambling establishments, SL organizes junket tours for the guests. This means that you can become a respectable casino guest for a few days or even weeks. And it will be a luxury vacation! The personal manager will plan everything from start to finish, take care of getting a visa, transfer, hotel accommodation, meals and drinks. Junket includes excursions and private casino events for free.