Protect Sharks

Someone undresses to protest against cruelty to fish, and someone actually risk their lives to protect one of the most notorious and beloved filmmakers predator - white shark.
They are not so mindlessly fierce - says the defender of nature Ocean Ramsay. Communicate with the sharks she began, while still very young. And it does not agree with replicated image Traktovaya blunt murder weapon. According to her, it is quite reasonable and adequate animal to a person related to the serious apprehension. Since the created image leads to the destruction of white sharks, Ocean decided such extreme enough way to draw public attention to this problem.
Anyway, watching as Ramzi down under the water without scuba gear and fairly quickly establishes contact with a large predator, which allows you to ride diver holding fin necessarily believe she said that sharks can be quite friendly.
Lives protector of animals in Honolulu (Hawaii). There, nearby, and were shot this footage made on Valentine's Day.


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