Master of camouflage

As is well known function of military camouflage quite simple - make the most of his master invisible on the ground. The well-known American company, which manufactures hunting accessories, invented camouflage, which they claimed is capable of doing virtually invisible to the host of the victim. Details under the cut on a series of photographs, advertising novelty hunter almost imperceptibly - most likely, new clothes will not leave any chances to detect animal rights. In fact, in the development of innovative Realtree nothing: almost complete invisibility hunter is achieved through well selected colors that blend with the environment.

One of the main disadvantages of new camouflage suits the company - its non-universality: clothes, completely covered with prints of a particular vegetation should be selected very carefully, hoping to advance what the shelter will have to borrow.

Realtree - American company founded in 1983 by an amateur hunter Bill Jordan. Almost immediately after its inception the company has become one of the most successful manufacturers of hunting equipment and accessories in the United States, and in 1992 even took off his own TV show Realtree Outdoor, which was broadcast on national television.



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