The story of a liquidator.

In the summer of 2007 in the city of Berezniki, Perm Territory took place the so-called sinkhole. Ground water that has penetrated the potash mines developed trunks, dissolved surrounding rock. By the summer of 2008 has reached the failure diameter of 350 m. And a depth of about 100. In this post you will see the story of liquidators. Post addressed to engineers, organizers of production as well as those who are able to think and draw conclusions. Many, and often we criticize officials, and government. Sometimes indiscriminately and without the knowledge of the topic. In these positions I want to thoroughly analyze a situation, which will give an idea about the level of training, experience and responsibility for decisions, very high levels of power. According to existing rules in the Soviet Union, had developed cavities filled with waste rock to prevent flooding. Water penetrated into the limited space, very soon becomes supersaturated brine and ceases to dissolve the salt.

But capitalism has burst. Plugging mines it is very expensive. And the main problem? Enrich who as you can! Profit above all! Therefore, to give more than a mountain rock! For the good of the owners of the enterprise!
Void arising under the ground filled with water. Which is slowly but surely beginning to dissolve the solid rock salt. Nature abhors a vacuum. And in this emptiness, or rather fluid, all this and failed.

On this occasion, there was a government commission led by the then Minister of Natural Resources and the former governor of the Perm region Trutnev YP And there you have the first trick. The Commission found that the disaster is not caused by man-made and natural factors. Unclear? Explain. For man-made disasters and emergencies, as well as elimination of their consequences liable "technogenic", ie Enterprise activity which brought damage to the environment and the population.
In this case, Uralkali. And when natural disasters budget pays for everything. That is, we, the people. Why does the Commission not see that that is on the surface? As I was later told, the minister "protection of natural resources" of the time, Trutnev YP Boniface was. Do not damn ... this ... a benefit! No blah ...! In! Remember - the beneficiary of Uralkali! (Guys, specialists explain to me what kind of animal, pliz.) That is, spend on fuck "beneficial" for the elimination of the consequences of money if you can do the sovereign treasury? However, after several years of Uralkali all costs sought. But that's another story.

Commission (you'll see it) among others, the decision was made for the construction of housing, in terms of volumes and needed to move people living in buildings in the zone of possible collapse. (As I uttered ?!)

Moreover, resettlement subjected only families and people living in the urban housing stock in the social conditions of employment. Easier - in non-privatized apartments. Privatizator the time received compensation for lost housing and successfully acquired new. In safe areas.
The decision was sent to the Perm Krai Government - to provide!
The government of Perm region has instructed the case to the Office of Capital Construction of the Perm region. In which the author was working or in our vehicle.

So I was given command - execute a program "3 to 20". On my objection mail I prefer 3 to 150, I was told. What is the "3 to 20" refers to the following - up to 20 November 2007, it is necessary to build 20 thousand square meters. meters of housing, the price of 20 rubles per km. meter. In the yard in June 2007.
Thus, the problem. Determine the location (area) of the construction. Type of construction, number of floors, geocoded and existing networks, etc. etc., specialists understand.

I recall at the time, before the crisis, construction companies are very tasty lived. Accommodation scatters as low as 30 to 100 per square tyrov!
After many futile attempts to attract and Perm enterprises to "3 to 20", it was decided to give up the cry throughout our mother, in the sense of the Russian Federation.
The attempt was a fiasco.
Considering the timing and amount (key phrase) housing being built and after major construction companies, "did not even discuss" governmental commission made a decision - to build a "fabricated, low-rise housing»!
Again the cry across the country! Who smoget? I myself and my assistants telephoned almost one hundred companies! After listening to all the conditions in 6 cases out of 10 were surprised and refused. One was sent to ... In another sent to the ... In the eighth asked again, "Where are you calling from?! ..." In the ninth time, was asked to consider, in the tenth - hang up.

But! In a tip of the then Emergency Minister Sergey Shoigu, we were taken to Vologda. Former factory Dormash. At the time, its reconstruction was made by the company of prefabricated housing. I was sent to check on the topic of capacity of the enterprise. It Was. Saw. I know. Great! They are at that time in emergency areas already built more than 50,000 square meters of housing! I envy! Strictly. Clearly. You can knead the separate post! But! On offer "3 for 20" thinking ...
7 leading specialists of the plant within 6 hours counted situation. The answer is simple - build a structure but ... Just above the level of 0. That is, the network, and the improvement of your foundations. The rest of "turnkey" depict!

With the back to Perm. They reported to the governor. And do siting.
By that time, the authorities have identified two possible Berezniki construction site.
Both Usolye. Realizing that 20, 000 sq. meters with low-rise buildings of prefabricated housing is at least 50 buildings chosen site №1.
I confess, took part in the presence of responsible persons.

The next step - the design.
Designers littered with delicious work on the design of housing and other objects, finally did not want to communicate with us. I do not know what and how, but the Institute attracted. And he once said - let's geology. Specialists understand. We started to look for geologists. Those overworked and - earlier than six months for our clearing a foot! Capitalism blah! And us Phew man-made disaster!
August pancake. The government, realizing that the process is not controlled in a state where the geology found in the archives of the Ministry of Agriculture has made the USSR in 50 - ies. And vparili its design institute as an appendix to the technical project.
View site №1.

Plot №2 located behind the high-rise buildings. Meeting him there was only internal territories. And gulkin area with horseradish. So he seriously considered

The process has started.
As mentioned before - we worked with cripples. (Tracing - translucent paper on which ink drawing depicted. After that, the image transferred to the photosensitive paper.) Working drawings come two, three sheet. Often with obvious flaws.
But menee- forward! For starters do roads. Since the entire territory of the site clay - mezhkvartalnyh passages arranged for adults.

Once on the road there was a solid cover - she turned into the street. And what a street without a name? A favorite is not forgotten. (Inscription on the plate - st. Builders)

In mid-August, comes a new ukazilka - prefabricated housing area shall be 50 000 sq m. m. !!!
By the end of August were defined contractors building 4 blocks of prefabricated housing. All non-local.
1 - Vologda factory Dormash. 40 houses. "Vologda quarter»
2 - OOO "Radoslaw" Pereslavl-Zalessky 20 houses.
3 - LLC "RostNResurs" Rostov 20 houses.
4 - Ltd. "Building Energy Company" Smolensk 20 houses.
And here is the first pile. Vologda quarter.

Under the contract Dormash built only at home, finished basement. Ie - To design and build the foundations had someone else. This case attracted Perm enterprises. Designers get drawings of structures prefabricated houses from Dormash and geological studies of the Ministry of Agriculture of the USSR archives pitched brains. Trust №14 vpryagsya in foundations.

And then the first shock! (my) legkovozvodimyh foundation for lightweight construction based on 38 eight-meter piles !!!

On piles - reinforced concrete raft foundation !!! To my question - FUYA? !!!
The designer said - "I will sleep peacefully. Just know that the stand! "That's when I asked the first question in the" big "meeting. Rather the issue is not as opinion - bearing and strength characteristics, and hence the cost of foundations unjustifiably high. It is necessary to optimize the design decision. Answer - compressed time frame, no time to redesign, the decision is made, work, and do not act.

On the walls of the basement - monolithic reinforced concrete belt !!! I then remembered for a glass of tea thing which is called - "Soil Mechanics. Foundations. »
Recalculate the carrying capacity of the foundations of the Vologda district. So short ...
This design in these soils vlegkuyu survive a five-story brick building with a wall thickness of 640 mm. and reinforced concrete floors!

The construction was more than 10 buildings at the same time laying networks. On the intra-site apple was nowhere to fall!

And following a disaster! The ground water level was at half a meter higher than in reports of geologists half a century ago! As it turned out - "the water table may significantly change as the hydrogeological conditions ...»

Water stood in all the basements of the Vologda district ... How many copies were then broken! I had to lay and drainage and submersible pumps installed in basements.

All wells and thermal cameras ... Just hurry blah! Normal geology was done once! Leverage over the company officials have not! Engage the military did not occur. The result - a project on outdated surveys, construction of the project. Whose fault is that the water in the basements? Correct builders! I will not hide, comrades. I was on these sites more than five times the bodies were invited. All the same, one and a half yards of budgetary funds down the drain! After my explanation, and the other case was closed. If you read up office until the end, you will understand why.

So Vologda quarter. Looking ahead to say. Only it was the house put into operation in 2007. All other maloetazhki soured until 2009.
Wall panels and floor panels imported from Vologda trucks, packed in polyethylene, in ready for installation.

Mounting were factory workers. The organization works on the level.

Lightweight design allows you to mount all panels with a crane parking.

Here are collected "cube».

All metal roof structures.

In this image, a "cube", "fastened" loggia. Roof - the metal crate decking.

Exterior walls are sheathed by thermo Bent. As in the old days - the house was built without a single nail! Some screws.

On the intra-site you can see the construction of houses in all phases simultaneously. From the foundation to the roof.

Panel joints were sealed foil moisture and sound insulating materials. The surfaces of the walls of the DSP.

Finishing work as always and everywhere. Putty, glue, wallpaper, paint. Please note, not the Moldovans and Tajiks. Vologda women. Give them health, God!

View of Vologda quarter with a tower crane. In addition dvuhetazhek built and nine-Large house. But that's another story.

Among other things, stretched backbone network and water heating. Heating main feeding all the buildings.

Intradistrict heating system.

Water main, because of the abundance and the high water table, put a big adventure.

In spite of the "toy" houses, a network arranged for adults. Each house thermal camera, water and sewage pits.

But electricity charged vozdushki.

Since the facility was extremely resonant, the powers that be not to deprive us their attention. One of the first was the visit of the governor of the Perm region OA Chirkunov ... I must say it is a noble piarast. Ie is an expert in public relations. To his arrival issued shields "billboards" - who builds Th. Zhdems.

Do you think this is a photoshop?

Fuck you! This Huber arrived!

Ran past "dadzybao ..." (1 minute)

After hearing the story of the construction of the erected structures. I attend when installing slab. (5 minutes)

Checking the strength of the hands of the basement floor in the Rostov quarter ... (3 minutes)

And a little chat with the press (20 minutes)

Huber flew on a blue helicopter.

Well, we ... in the sense of the headquarters building, were left (left - yours truly)

Source: Cmehalych




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