How to create an orc: a brief guide

Each game developer probably faced with the fact that sometimes want to "razvirtualizirovat" coined in the game and draw the image, hold it in your hands, do not consider it on the screen and in reality, even in scale. It is a special pleasure - to use another sense of touch - touch, which is on the tactile level reveals new feelings for the characters and the game starts the mechanisms that allow us, the development team to make the game more interesting.

On KDPV - representative of orcs - it is one of the oldest races in the « Allods Online ». They are terrible, powerful, hardy. United in hordes for raids and rarely stop at one place to settle there permanently. Most often they build temporary shelters, which are not sorry to quit. This is the most anarchic and freedom-loving creatures from the game world, "Rage."

It is not surprising that our artists create these characters did their best. And, of course, decided to create a real sculpture. Asked for help to the children of Prosto Toys. If you play the " Allods Online ", you know that our orc not a huge mutant, but rather beefy football fan: moderately well-fed and in full blossom. And so the model to create figurines choose appropriate: Man in great shape, it is often in the gym. However, because of his muscle definition he was not able to take the necessary impulsive attitude. Masters took it as a model, but little changed figure. As you can see from the photo - pose turned out bright, back arched hero and muscle significantly increased.

How to create a figure Orc: from prototype to paint h4>
The model was created on the 3D-printer of high precision, long time and then manually edited. Material - special plastic, it feels soft and pleasant.

Still incredibly handy thing, 3D-printer. Judging by how quickly they develop and become cheaper soon they will become as familiar home device, as it is today a regular printer. Then it will be possible, including those orcs and print yourself :) "Then zazhivёm!»

Here is the "raw" character, not yet painted. Here, the process of assembling Orc:

Here - digital painting prototype:

And here - the most that neither is a real painting. With masks and goggles:

One of the figures orc gave us. Alexander Gorbatyuk , the art director of the Department of operating games (GOD), painted with his own hero.


And so he had turned:



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