The old chair

The story of how, in the old chair, gave the hosts as unnecessary, the restorer found a treasure.

Author: "A remarkable man and an architect friend of mine called me yesterday asking his neighbor to rid the village of artists from ancient seats that do not fit into the new interior. By evening, the remnants of antiquity from her home were in stock, but today I decided to examine more closely the things purchased. Large walnut chair a few years ago was interrupted, but the back did not touch. I touched her. Soft front back turned suspiciously hard from behind. My first thought was that the board for rigidity is necessary, but it is strange to hurt ... It is necessary to cut! A minute later I opened 25 ruble bill Soviet ropes sewn to the upholstery fabrics and padded with straw. The entire back of the perimeter was filled with money!

Taking the pile, I counted 100 banknotes, which were to face 1/20 of the total weight, respectively, in the chair was about 50,000 Soviet rubles! Find them 30 years ago ... After all, the mistress lived with this chair all my life, and had no idea that someone from relatives hid him stash. On the face of the stupidity of the owner of the money and the apparent theft of socialist property :)
The most valuable and yet most useless treasure that I found ... »

It seems to me that the person who hid the money was a fan of the novel "12 chairs».




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