New outfits celebrities, in which they were published this week.

Continue to discuss new outfits celebrities, in which they were published this week. So, to wear or not to wear?

Keira Knightley

To go to the next secular parties Cyrus decided to try on the image schoolgirl Sailor Moon. I think the verdict is simple: a ridiculous way to Hollywood actress.

Kim Kardashian

Kim stays true to yourself and your taste. Excellent choice!

Katy Perry

At this time, Katie is not so enchanting as usual. But still looks very cute. And yet these funny glasses.

Kate Winslet

Aristocratic Kate appeared in such an unusual dress, which leaves plenty of room for a rich imagination. In my opinion, very!

Jennifer Hudson

Postroynevshaya and blooming Jennifer chose a dress for a new figure. But, in my opinion, from a brightness too dazzled.

Elle Macpherson

Miss "body" has chosen a rather motley attire. Do you like?

Selena Gomez

I do not have Gwen Stefani Does Selena borrowed this image? Black and white outfit, red lipstick ... Bright, fresh.

Kristin Davis

Somehow, in my opinion, rustic. The image failed. Dress alone, the girl alone.

Uma Thurman

True Hollywood goddess. Sublime Uma Thurman. Cool outfit and shoes match for.

Vanessa Hudgens

Vanessa decided to create a romantic image, and I think he has gone to her. Here are just a waist again lost.



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