9 "killers" of our mental development:

1. Knowledge "It's boring».
This phrase kill curiosity, and it is - one of the main incentives of your cognitive interest. What today seems unnecessary, tomorrow may be a way to new opportunities.

2. Monotony consumption information.
E. Reading the same blogs, forums, authors, view the same programs, communication with one topic and the same people, and so on. D. Expand your range of interests, do not stagnate.

3. Search for the easy way out.
We do not like to bother - and for good reason. Difficult situations require maximum focus on human intelligence, and hence the possibility of developing brain.

4. Lack of aspirations.
If you convince yourself that we have achieved the best results, your development stops automatically. Avoid thinking that is high enough to raise. Move forward, wanting more.

5. No issues.
As soon as you stop asking yourself "why", you immediately are in danger of falling into a routine. Ask yourself, why, why are you doing this or that. Whoever obeys blindly circumstances, sooner or later becomes limited.

6. Failure to creativity.
Do you think that the beginning of the creative alien to you. Your confidence - it is a deterrent, the boundaries you can not cross, the enemies of development. Stop limit yourself to just realizing its potential.

7. Lack of resistance.
If you surround yourself with people that are always and everywhere with you agree, it is not always good. Such an atmosphere can be useful for your self-esteem and peace of mind. In a dispute born truth, and a variety of contacts do not let you get bored.

8. Rejection of claims.
It also happens that, having suffered a failure, you will not allow yourself to dream a lot. Overcome your fear, because otherwise your failure will remain with you. Small desires - small victory, but they do not bring satisfaction.

9. Lack of idols.
Often we can not determine for itself its own scale of perfection. But it can be done easily, focusing on other people. Someone reads a lot, some erudite someone captivated by the idea - almost every person has a special feature that is worthy of respect, to which you can aspire.


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