We all remember the episode of tanning in the movie "Bride Wars" when the fault sworn friend heroine Anne Hathaway instead of beauty with golden skin turned into a "red orange". The girl then a long soak in the bath, trying to get rid of that fear. But this is a fictional story, though lovers disguise as a woman from the tribe Tumba Yumba exist in real life.

I understand the desire of star beauties look like a million dollars on the red carpet - refined dresses, bright makeup and fancy hairstyle and a drop of tanning to look fresh and active, is an inherent part of any publication. But some girls just can not overcome his craving for bronzer butylki.

Jennifer Lopez

Oversupply of tanning on the face. In the truest sense of the word.

Skin color Catherine Zeta-Jones reminded me of the tale of the three pink pigs ...

Paris Hilton

Not only is the face and chest are terrible earthen hue, so they also differ in color ...

A feeling that Lindsay Lohan was in socks and gloves when inflicted on the body tanning. And while crawling on his knees.

Jessica Simpson

The same "red orange».


About the color of the skin of the man already legendary. Rumor has it that he does not trust his body salons and tanning produces a tube for a day.


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