Upsy stars

In every person's life there are situations that can be characterized by a brief cry of "Oops!". No exception celebrities of all stripes, we can even say that "upsy" happen to them more often than they want. Some people are sensitive situation for the benefit of (extra PR), and some stars would give a lot to them that did not happen.

See who of stars ever screwed up in the stupidest way.

Prince Harry is not known as the most beautiful and intelligent representative of the royal dynasty of Windsor. Once the prince is called "otmochite", choosing as the costume for Halloween outfit Hitler. In the garb of the Fuhrer Prince appeared on bombeznoy theme party, where, naturally, there were dozens of paparazzi. The next day a photo of Prince in a Nazi uniform circled all the world's media and papa clown prince, Prince Charles had read the scion of a lecture about the dangers of Nazism.

Prince Charles also once fucked up is not a child: during one of his interviews, he cursed in a whisper all the reporters, thinking that the microphone was turned off. Naturally, this was not the case - in microphone included prudently.

Once Britney Spears flew from New York to Los Angeles. Everything would be fine if Britney suddenly decided to take off your shoes to relax the legs. Whether on the plane was so hot, or at the feet of the former pop princess exaggerated sweating, but as soon as the singer took off one shoe, the other passengers begged her not razzuvatsya as the whole room instantly echoed aroma star sweaty feet.

Once a participant trio Destiny's Child Michelle Williams flopped during the performance. Well, who does not happen. "Upsom" for Michelle was another: none of her colleagues in the group not helped her up, moreover, they pretended not to notice this.

Once Nicole Richie looked at the ears of all the inspection service airport, since the passage of the metal detector, she always "ringing". Socialite knew the reason, but said nothing to the last: she had a nipple piercing, because of which are triggered the metal detector. If Nicole once told her about this meeting would be able to avoid the crowds of onlookers around it, which was very interesting that there is "ringing" of the star.

Musicians from the group Dave Matthews Band once rode in his tour bus and enthusiastically smoked "weed." Suddenly, the driver picked up the "nix": Ahead police. Without thinking, the musicians have thrown 800 pounds of marijuana out of the window. But miracles are taking place. Just at that moment the river, which drove past the bus, canoe floated with tourists. They picked up a strange package and sincerely wondering what and where it had fallen on them, thus addressed the cops.

The late Michael Jackson is known to all, for a long time could not shake off the accusations of pedophilia. During the trial, Michael was acquitted, but the confusion that happened to him before, was the cause of prejudice against him many guardians of morality. Relatives and representatives of Jackson monophonic argued that the artist is not interested in little boys, and do not childish, but when the cops came to arrest Michael he opened the door ... in my pajamas with Mickey Mouse.

One of Paris Hilton, wanting to flirt, admitted that keeps your mobile phone's own erotic pictures. Shortly thereafter, the phone has been stolen. The thief is not enough just to admire the naked charms of Paris, and sent them by e-mail to all your friends socialite whose e-mail addresses stored in the phone.


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