6 symptoms of mental illness, which is taken as the vagaries of the surrounding

In the behavior of each of us there exists some kind of fad, which we think is peculiar only to us. And in vain think. Because, according to science, each of our petty whim, habit or "pet peeve" can be found strictly scientific explanation.
1. Fear of urinating in front of others
You have come to celebrate small need to empty the toilet (for example, in a restaurant), and are already half way to the blessed relief, when your back is heard shuffling. And ... everything. The process has stalled. You can no longer squeeze out a drop. Someone fell in at the next urinal. You know - he hears that your jet suddenly dried up, and from this panic only increase. And soon after you turn formed. And they wonder what it is you there in complete silence ...

2. nail obkusyvaniya
Onychophagia - one of the most common mental disorders, which is expressed in compulsive nail obkusyvaniya. This scourge is subject to about 45 percent of people aged 10 to 18 years (most of them - women). Among suffering Onychophagia meet and celebrities - Britney Spears, Jacqueline Kennedy, Eva Mendes ...

3. Forced emotional expression
Imagine chief chastises you for any serious mistake, and you feel that more second and burst out laughing, and nothing can help it. Trying to pull himself together - you know just what it is you face, but how would you yourself do not hold back, look guilty gradually replaced by a silly smile, then stifled a laugh and soon one of you sees a real, open loud, hysterical cackle.
If you ever experienced anything like this, it is quite possible to suffer a syndrome called "violent emotional expression", also known as "pseudobulbar affect».

4. Failure to recognize and express their emotional state
How often have you heard from the girl that her boyfriend is not enough with it sincere? "He never shared with me their experiences." "He's some kind of aloof forever ..." "He did not care about what happens in my soul!" And so on.
Believe it or not, but two out of three of these complaints can be attributed to medical phenomenon called "alexithymia". This term refers to the inability of a person to recognize and verbalize their own emotional state. Alexithymia in varying degrees, have each one of us. However, in the most severe cases, this condition can seriously poison life. On the assurances of scientists, alexithymia prevents live about 8-10 percent of all people, with men among them more than women.

5. Intolerance to certain sounds
Almost every one of us can not tolerate any sound: foam glass, chalk on the blackboard, the creaking of the swing, champ ... Normally it or not, depends on what kind of sounds and how preventing you live.
Mental disorder called "mizofoniya" - a condition where the usual cause irritation, unremarkable sounds. For example sounds that emit other people when they eat, breathe, cough, or engaged in other quite familiar and not noisy affairs.

6. oppositional disorder, disobedience
In a big team there is always a frame that receives a hostile reception everything that comes "from above". He said his main goal to undermine the authority of superiors noisiest and unpleasant for the latter method. He strives and disputes about every insignificant.


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