Difficult childhood

Once Ray Dickinson returned drunk from the service, he dragged on the second floor of the house sister Janice Debbie. Little Janice was then five years old and she still did not understand what he did to her. But when the future star of the catwalks was nine, his father tried to rape her. The mother saw it all, but I could not do anything: Ray one stroke could nail it in place
"Because I would never would have allowed him to do what he wanted (I would have killed himself immediately afterwards), he raped me every day mentally. He told me that I look like a boy, I was ugly and nobody wants me. I then had one wish: to tear his balls "- Dickinson writes in his book

But, despite the opinion of his father, the school Janice popular. The boys ran herds of long-legged brown-haired woman with expressive eyes, but my father told Janice that would kill her if he found out that she was seeing someone. Therefore, since 12 years Janice main desire was to get away somewhere far away from this nightmare.
She immediately decided that she did not receive an education will be - she made a bet on the exterior. Therefore, immediately after graduation she moved to New York and began to actively go on a variety of casting. In 1973, she was lucky to win the beauty contest "Miss High Fashion" in New York.

But after receiving the title, no modeling agency has not offered a contract Janice - were then demand very different types. Therefore, Dickinson began herself to go to offices - to hire an agent, of course. whereas it could not. Having turned down ten major New York agencies, among which were "Ford modelz" Janice after a few months of searching came "under the wing" by Jacques Silverstein


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