Stars, aging ugly

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These operations Janice Dickinson has spent about 100 thousand dollars, and then all this to look like a transvestite tired

Mickey Rourke. In the 60 years he kept a good physique, but his face yelling in a silent scream, "It's time to retire!┬╗

Lindsay Lohan. It's almost dupe, but I still can not not post it as a good example. Though now it seems LiLo senses and said goodbye to alcohol and drugs, but the effects are already irreversible - it needs a lot of make-up to look into their own 26 at least 30 and no older than

Melanie Griffith. No bright makeup will not make it younger, when she realizes that Mazyuk bright makeup she risks to hear in the address comparison and grandmother ezhkoy

Teri Hatcher. The "Desperate Housewives" She looked pretty thanks to expertly superimposed makeup, but in everyday life it is unlikely someone call out: "Girl!". Once she did injections for wrinkles, but then gave it up and is now a living example of short-term effect, "beauty shots┬╗

Val Kilmer. In '53, you can look better, but the actor has no time for gyms and spa treatments - he makes a career in politics. Hard to believe that the fat, red-faced man - the same guy who once played Batman


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