Repin, bullfights and Suite

Inscrutable are the ways of associative links. It would seem that the similarities between the murder of the Russian Tsar AleksandraII and bullfighting? Virtually no, if removed from the artist Ilya Repin's context and its famous painting "Ivan the Terrible and his son Ivan." But if you put everything together, and even add a symphonic suite "Antar" by Rimsky-Korsakov, the pazzliki phantasmagorical images fall into place.
It turns out that the creation of Repin inspired by these events. That is the impression made on him suite, the artist wanted to capture on canvas. And then for a short period of time two events with the taste of blood and violence.
"Adversity, living death, murder and blood is punishable to his strength ... And I'm caught, probably this bloody, upon his arrival home, immediately took up the bloody scene." This is an entry from the diary of Repin.
It would be nice if all infected by "blood" is sublimated to the creation of a masterpiece, not the killing of their own kind. Incidentally, this is a decent answer paranoid guardians "screen without violence." Different people respond to such scenes, as we see.


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