Sold children

I think many people have heard of the "reborn" - advertisement of this wonderful invention, at the time managed to considerably zadolbat. They are called "bebikami" and "bebibonami».

The doll, which can not only cry, but also cocoa and write, her fever, she claps eyes, but still it looks virtually indistinguishable from a live baby (if not close to playing, of course). In fact, «reborn» - is a licensed product of German manufacturers, but, as we know, are now manufactured in China even large Hadron Collider, so chaynovskie Reborn is now successfully taken the bread (ie buyers) in German))). Factory Reborn - this one, and dolls, made by hand, are valued more. The cost of such dolls can be measured in thousands, not rubles, and "green".

I recently saw the light: thought Reborn designed for little girls, so that they were playing daughters and mothers not with clumsy bobblehead and normal write and cocoa dolls. BUT! It appears reborn love to play and adults aunts - they swaddled them, walk with them on the street, feed, change diapers ... would say - well, sick in the head, so to discuss and say ... Here please .html discuss new doll as a family member ... Fashion? So some countries, I would say perverse fashion - to replace in your mind living children dolls, even Kaka.

By the way, about shitting Reborn ... - there can be on the floor laughing ride. If this is not trolling, I am really scared for the people ...

Naturalism in all its glory. When it is your warm and family, and even ugly - but the favorite. This rubber ... freak. But buying

Sold rubber children, wholesale ...


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