Three cows for a wife - interestingly it is expensive or not? 01/29/2013

It is believed that the girls of Namibia - the most beautiful girls of the African continent. )

In this country live in such groups as ethnic groups, the Himba and Herero. But we are interested in the Himba.

On this tribe had essentially no impact civilization or Christianity. They have managed to preserve their traditions and beliefs.

Their customs and today have not changed.

As for his wife gave three cows 500 years ago, and are now asking three cows.



The house in which they live Himba are simple cone construction of twigs associated with palm leaves and plastered with clay and dung.


The family can move from house to house several times a year in search of pasture for their cattle and goats


Women cover their bodies with a mixture of ocher, fat and ash to protect your skin from the sun. Quite often, this paste is added to the aromatic resin bush omuzumba. This mixture gives their skins a reddish tinge, which symbolizes the blood, which in turn symbolizes life.

Women braid each other braids and also cover them with the mixture. By hairstyle woman can determine her marital status.




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