Pelted and drenched

As we know, the other day, Kim Kardashian flour. Such manifestations of people's love and boast other Selebi

Too fresh cases: tuxedo famous showman Ryan Seacrest suffered not from an attack of some of the near Hayter, but from the "jokes" Sacha Baron Cohen yes no where else but at the ceremony "Oscar"! Cohen, dolled up in costume dictator of the comedy, clowning around, holding the urn with the ashes of the alleged Kim Jong Il. Seacrest approached him with a microphone to interview, and soon regretted it, because in the course of conversation, like Cohen accidentally turned onto doroguschy suit Seacrest content boxes - fake ashes, which was tinted with flour. Comedian immediately began to apologize, but Seacrest - lybitsya embarrassing. Many thought it was planned jokes, but later Seacrest said that he did not even know about the intentions Cohen



In 2005, during the advertising campaign "War of the Worlds" to Tom Cruise went to see modest reporterishka. The actor became inspired to broadcast the film, and did not even notice how the interviewer pulled from behind a bottle of water and liberally sprinkled her face Cruise. When zonked actor asked the reporter what he doused him, he modestly replied - "I want to glorify»


In 2008, the flour "bomb" caught Lindsay Lohan in Paris. When LiLo left the restaurant, one of the activists of PETA threw it a huge sack of flour. About a kilogram of flour spilled on his head and shoulders Lohan. So defender animals decided to punish her for the love of furs


And Paris Hilton in 2006 caught flour grenade at the afterparty, held as part of London Fashion Week. Along with Paris came under the distribution and designer Julien Macdonald. Culprit celebration UGTT time was also an activist of PETA


But for Anna Wintour PETA did not spare even the vegetarian tofu pie. In 2005, again in Paris, an activist threw EEC culinary product modelersha in feys




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