Men live births (8 photos + video)

In the Netherlands, the two broadcasters have decided on an unusual experiment: plans have been very bold - "bear" on the air. Employees of the hospital to join them ... electrodes and promised that the pain is the same as that of mothers.

Electric discharge simulated spasmodic contractions of the uterus. When there were small "battle", the guys were joking and laughing, looking at each other. But as soon as the intensity and frequency of contractions began to grow ...

The employee is following tortures, tried to explain how to properly breathe and relax your body, but their advice is not much help. One of the men broke down after 15 minutes and asked to remove the electrodes

The second was more robust: curl up in a fetal position, squatting, jumping up from the bed, biting his own shirt, but endured the pain unusual for man.


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