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Continued megamasshtabnyh post about shooting the famous trilogy "The Lord of the RingsĀ».
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Only for the first movie of the trilogy "The Lord of the Rings" was made 1800 pairs of artificial foot hobbits. To attach them to the feet of the actors took about 1.5 hours, and each pair is used only once, because it was impossible to remove it without damage.

Same thing with elven ears: about 1,600 pairs of ears were prepared separately from each other in a special oven, and each pair demanded special treatment, because the latex from which were made ears melted in the sun.

All the actors, without exception, were on the set of wigs that have been specially made for the film.

For an actor Viggo Mortinsena, who played Aragorn filming "The Lord of the Rings" have been very traumatic: the actor once nearly drowned, another time a tooth knocked out and then broke my toe. Because the case when Viggo spoiled his face, riding a surf breaks between filming, even had to change the course of shooting. The fact that the makeup could not hide the bruises on the face of the actor, and then Peter Jackson decided to remove only the portion of the actor's face, which was still intact.

To better get used to the image, Viggo always kept a sword of Aragorn. And he succeeded. Peter Jackson is often referred to him by the name of Aragorn, and the actor did not even notice.

Viggo Mortinsen with his son Henry, who persuaded the actor to star in "The Lord of the RingsĀ».

Orlando Bloom in the image of Legolas (my favorite character). To learn how to handle a bow and arrow, Orlando took two months. Although most of these were replaced by arrows in the frame on the computer, because archery as fast as it did Legolas, beyond human capabilities.

Christopher Lee - who plays Saruman - a big fan of John Ronald Tolkien trilogy, he re-read it every year since the first publication (in 1954). In addition, the actor was the only one of the crew who was personally acquainted with Tolkien.

Development of the appearance of Gollum, played by Andy Serkis, took a very long time; It was made about 1000 sketches and 100 layouts.

To speak unforgettable voice of Gollum, Andy drank so-called "Gollum Juice" - a mixture of honey, lemon and ginger. And that voice was really quite spectacular, trying to recreate the sound of a cat coughs hairball.

Grim orcs - is another story. Each "orc" spent in the makeup chair for about 3 hours a day. In addition, the masks and costumes orcs were very stuffy, and while filming one of the scenes that took place on a hot day, many actors have carried out a site with heat stroke.

To recreate the squeals of orcs in the caves of Moria used nightly cries possums.

For the filming of large-scale scenes with lots of orcs, Peter Jackson gathered in the stadium 25,000 people who squeal, Food and screaming for his team.

And here are some photos from the set of the new "The Hobbit." Its director Peter Jackson will be back, and I am very happy (although initially stake on Guillermo Del Toro).

Work on the project began in 2007, but due to the fact that the studio, Tolkien's heirs and other members of shooting could not decide how much money and who gets on the film adaptation of the film, the project was at a standstill up in 2010.

And here is the main character Bilbo Baggins by Martin Freeman. His, by the way, I could play James McAvoy, but somehow it did not work out.

And finally, an old photo taken at the beginning of the filming of the first film, "The Lord of the Rings." All such green)


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