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The first solar eclipse took place in 2012! And the eclipse is not simple, and the annular (Sun Moon took in the "Ring of Fire"). It is this natural phenomenon will not happen again until 2023, but another eclipse inhabitants of the earth will be able to watch on November 13 and before that people will witness a very rare event - June 5, 2012 Venus "sweep" across the solar disk a small black speck. I think we have not noticed, but scientists and holders of powerful telescopes just admire. The picture below is made in the State of Nevada Gardenvill on the night of May 21.

In Arizona eclipse also looked delicious. Tourists who really lucky that night, enjoyed the spectacle of the city of Phoenix Park. By the way, does anyone of you see this eclipse? I've somehow slept through this action ...

Women in Beirut not hide feelings. The fact is that during the night on the very spot where they now stand, there was a clash of hostile Syrian factions, during which many injured and burned several cars. Showdown in those places very pitiable end.

The protest action entitled "Anti-NATO" was held recently in Chicago and, of course, the police stands out. Police officers, among them many women as you can see, are ready to disperse the protesters with their faithful helpers - batons.

Cheryl Cole deserves special attention, as the Cannes Film Festival, she appeared in a stunning white and red dress, creating the effect of levitation. Yes, it is irresistible.

"Say animal exploitation" No! "And along their dogs in costumes - think the people of Costa Rica - and succeeds." Dogs in costume, of course, fun, but I doubt that they are comfortable.

Members of Takahashi-gumi crime syndicate Yakuza in Japan Tokyo:

Rapper Michael Stevenson, aka Tyga, gave a concert in Berlin. Fans were delighted!

Hunter tribe Kathu with an innocent look of a little boy holding a skull dead animal.

Continuing the theme of the day (May 21): "Ring of Fire" on the silhouette of an oil well in Texas.

May 21 it became known that on the eve of the day he died one of the leaders of the legendary British group «Bee Gees» Robin Gibb. He was in '62 and the last years of his life he fought the cancer that eventually killed him. R.I.P Robin Gibb.


The picture is not of the past and the present. In Baghdad, sand veil frequent and photos from the effect of antiquity are obtained even without the aid of special settings on the camera.

Particularly sensitive call from the booth in the form of the brain is not recommended, because it looks protivnenko, and for someone and the Forest - disgusting. But still original. Booth is located in Sao Paulo (Brazil).

Sufi Muslim pilgrims have fun at a festival in India:

Girl in santa Antu on background beautiful landscape enjoy a game of table football:

Very peculiar frame photographer caught while on military cadets march in honor of the 22th anniversary of the unification of Yemen. Color forms have enough current and fashionable.

An elderly caretaker in Bulgarian zoo did not afraid of lions. He enjoys playing with the eight-month lvёnkom, though with a small kitten. Cute, but how dangerous!

Continue a moment about animals: pelicans, of course, umnen'kiye, but sometimes they have cases of turbidity. The other day a photographer captured the pelican, who mixed fish and a bottle of beer. It is said that the pelican was hurt just changed his mind.

Spectacular blazing a trail from the passing spacecraft «SpaceX», which is sent to the International Space Station ...

Russia's representative at "Eurovision" - a group of "Buranovskie grandmother" - the finals and will perform on Saturday at No. 6.


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