Creative bowl Anti-loneliness Ramen Bowl for iPhone 23.01.2013

People stopped during meals have harmful effects on appetite and digestive system watching TV and reading newspapers, but replaced them with fad gadgets and social networking. To ideal to combine dinner with portable devices and virtual communication, a design studio in New York MisoSoupDesign create unusual ramen bowl Anti-loneliness Ramen Bowl, which is also a docking station for the phone iPhone.


Creative bowl Anti-loneliness Ramen Bowl helps users of iPhone or smartphone with similar dimensions is less distracted by the Japanese varieties of fast food or other dishes, freeing the hands of gadget and convenient positioning it in front of his eyes, and lets you combine meal with voice and video calls. And after the meal deserted docking station turns into an audio amplifier. Cool plate against loneliness and docking station for iPhone Anti-loneliness Ramen Bowl will be on sale in April and May 2013, but its estimated cost at the moment is not declared.

-source: Fishki net


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