Europe is home to the most incredible architectural monuments in the world. This and the Piazza San Marco in Venice and St. Peter's Basilica in Rome and the Cathedral in Cologne. Using beautiful and vibrant watercolor pastels, artist Maya Vronsky (Maja Wrońska) recreates some of these monuments and their picturesque surroundings.

Rome, Italy

The artist herself - a promising young talent from Poland. She studied architecture at the Warsaw University of Technology. One of the mandatory requirements of the institution were drawings on architectural subjects. They are so inspired Vronsky, she began to develop their artistic skills.

Reims, France

As for the drawing, for Maya, this process begins with a pulse. First, it draws a pencil, then goes to the markers, and finally completes his masterpieces watercolor.
I suggest you look beautiful and a series of watercolors of urban landscapes.

Florence, Italy

Prague, Czech Republic

Krakow, Poland

Porto, Portugal

Warsaw, Poland

Venice, Italy

Vienna, Austria

Cologne, Germany


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