Ronnie Wood

Ronnie Wood entered once - the third - marriage, and his wife was not the waitress Katia Ivanova of Russia, for which he once threw his second wife, the mother of his two children. Wood's wife became even hot Brazilian model Anna Araujo, which Rolling Stones guitarist met after Katie. Drag-rocker to the altar Lovelace managed 34-year-old Sally Humphreys, modest prodyusershe.

Wood and Katya Ivanova. Girl bad bargain: during an affair with a musician she could easily knock a pass for himself in the entertainment business

The wedding ceremony and Sally Wood's 65-year-old took place exactly on the day of the alleged end of the world on December 21 at the hotel "Dorchester" in London. The event was attended by only close friends and relatives of the couple (who included Paul McCartney and Rod Stewart, the best man of the groom). Journalists were not allowed to the ceremony, but the photographers managed to click a couple of times Suite at the hotel entrance. In pictures Sally wore a pale pink dress in retro style and a light coat to match, but the paparazzi managed to find out that the bride Wood later changed into a wedding dress of her mother.

Ronnie Wood and Sally Humphreys met in June and immediately started dating. Ronnie was always drawn to women, two or three times his age, so their relationship did not surprise fans of "spinning pebble." Is to rely on the fact that God loves a trinity, and Wood's third marriage will last.


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