It is the oldest Siamese twins in the world. And their history - the most touching of the ones that I've heard ...

Frankly, many of us do not even realize what a blessing - just walk, run, swim in the pool ... But the Siamese twins from Ohio - Ronnie and Donnie - any kind of activity is the sea, energy and just did a Herculean effort. < br />
64-year-old Ronnie and Donnie - real champions. Men are the most, so to speak, old Siamese twins in the world.

Before the record established in 1877 were born conjoined twins from Italy - Giacomo and Giovanni Battista Tocci, who lived to 63 years.


Today the baton adopted brothers Ronnie and Donnie. This is one of the rare instances in medicine!

It tells of their younger brother, Jim, the doctor did not promise the mountain twin long life, and every time parents feared that the twins will not survive the night.


«Ronnie and Donnie - as if one. But at the same time are two completely different personalities », i> - I tell Jim about his brothers.

The brothers of the two arms and legs. They are united by a common digestive tract and the pelvic region.

Ronnie and Donnie even once worked in a circus, but in 1991 the brothers, so to speak, have retired.

Today, the twins at home helping their younger brother Jim.


What is it that gives them the strength to survive in such difficult circumstances? The answer is simple - the care and support of family and friends, as well as a great brotherly love for each other. B>


This is a moving story about the power of the spirit and the incredible endurance of Siamese twins, Ronnie and Donnie.

Like it or not, and when you are near relatives and friends of the man, the difficulty is much easier to carry. It would seem that these brothers have no other choice but to go through life together hand in hand, but still their understanding and inspire optimism. Telling the story of these twins to your friends.


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