The evolution of style Cheryl Cole

Simple style is like a bright light. It is complicated, but it can not be overlooked. (Anatole France)

But there is something that neither we, nor the French writer, if he were alive, just could not have failed to notice: in his simple style of the woman blissfully good. Cheryl Cole began his career ten years ago, he has blossomed before our eyes, turning from a mediocre girls who sang in the girl group, in a bright, stylish and self-sufficient women engaged in solo career. 29-year-old Englishwoman made every effort and became the one who imitate and whom dream.


In that year, there were hardly those who blurted out, "here it is - our future star of British!", Because, by and large, Cheryl Tweedy does not stand out among the other participants «Girls Aloud». No voice, no plastics, no style, nor even the appearance that it is now a trump card. In 19 years, more personality is formed, especially under the influence of such changes (newly formed singer had just learned what a great scene, vybivshis the slender ranks of the waitresses). That's why she and style appropriate - everyday, with no claim to anything worthwhile. Walk past and not notice ...

Delicate colors and nice make-up combined with hairstyle, opening radiant face, and Cheryl seemed transformed. Incidentally it's the same year, but what a difference! Just something had to choose another, more feminine clothes.

Such images are often called "farm in the city", but now it is even fashionable. A combination of classic sports and often addicted to Rihanna, Rita Ora and even Beyonce.

Here is the number! Mom look better than their daughters. At the premiere of "Freaky Friday" tagline "What happens if the mother will change her daughter bodies?" I would have been quite appropriate, though I'm afraid my mother Cheryl satin trousers are too big daughter.


Two years later, 22-year-old Cheryl admitted that more than 12 months, is in a relationship with footballer Ashley Cole. However, she could not speak, because it was clear without words. The singer began to dress more sexy appearance has become more well-groomed, and on her face did not leave a happy smile. In the «Brit Awards» Cheryl "tease" the audience of men spicy neckline.

At the premiere of the film "Pride and Prejudice" Future Mrs. Cole was natural as ever. Green dress with oriental motifs emphasized her fragile beauty. Charisma Cheryl also not hold.


Cheryl and her lover at the London Fashion Week. Bow to the best of the business, and to the best of glamor. By the time Cole strongly sdurzhilas with Victoria Beckham, which partly affected the style of it too.

For the husband is necessary to watch, you have to admire her husband - and know it all, including Cheryl Cole. She left England in everything and flew with her husband at the World Cup in Germany. Casual onion would be good, if not a couple of "buts": translucent fabric which is quite out of place, and handbags that not only that uncomfortable, so also, infection, ugly.

Dapper Vidocq Ashley Cole in this image probably reminds him of the wonderful time he got so good. Near beautiful wife on the side of a beauty-lover, but on the game that you like and a lot of pay.

Print and red lipstick - a win-win combination of Cheryl Fashion Week.


Cheryl if found harmony with herself, making a stylish haircut and returned to the dark color of the hair. The style has changed, too, but not global, because as we can see it all as love over the open top.

"Brilliant" Cheryl in a brilliant dress Roberto Cavalli. Hair ornaments in the Greek style here just this topic. Cole does not give reason to doubt the paparazzi that is faithful to her husband, but it was at that time rumors began to circulate about the adventures of Ashley.


Cheryl Matthew Williamson dress on the red carpet National Television Awards. Such respected designer and a pass option dress ...


Although upset it makes no sense, because the next outing in a white Georges Chakra creation rectify the situation.

Still not convinced, how much Cheryl is proud to be a bust? Please - its risky choice Alexander McQueen at the celebration of 26 anniversary.

Cole in the original mini-dress Philip Lim on the show «X Factor». Wearing it, she confirmed her words that she was not fat as it is called by many, but the most that neither is thin.


In 2010, Cheryl has officially parted ways with her husband. To understand that one who she gave her heart, blatantly lied to her, the girl took more than a year, but the parting positive impact not only on her appearance, but also on reputation. In 2010, Cole admitted "the most inspirational woman decades».

In public, Cole was still just smiling, but what was going on in her soul only knows herself. For example, at the Cannes Film Festival all her thoughts 100% focused on the coming meeting of the court, but on the mind can say that the girl is getting ready for the wedding. The Roberto Cavalli dress she was simply irresistible!


A decent front and rear decent: Cheryl Versace dress again catches views of men.

Cole dress from Stella McCartney to «Brit Awards».

The uncommon dress Stéphane Rolland Haute Couture Sheryl appeared at the Cannes Film Festival.


"Sometimes it is difficult to imagine how to dress and painted. If any thing looks great on someone else, not the fact that it sits well on you. Before, I was experimenting a lot, but now I have learned to use things as inspiration to create the image, customize them for yourself, so that they looked right at me »


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