Ice Cave

In the Far East of Russia, near the volcano Muntovsky that in Kamchatka have an amazing ice cave. It was formed at very interesting conditions. Hot lava, ice geysers and sunshine created a fabulous cave. In recent years, the glaciers on volcanoes of Kamchatka are melting very quickly, so the upper layer of the ice cave became very thin. Because of this, the bright sunlight penetrates through layers of ice, creating an incredible glow.

The snow in these latitudes is from October to the end of May. The peninsula also has a chain of volcanoes that make up the spine of the peninsula.

Interestingly, before the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, Kamchatka was closed to foreigners and most Russians. At the southern end of the peninsula based military base submarines with nuclear warheads. After the collapse of the Soviet Union Kamchatka it has become a popular destination for lovers of adrenaline, especially it involves self admirers of extreme winter sports.

Photographers flock here in search of amazing shots of unspoiled nature. Photographer Denis Budko present us with wonderful ice cave, which until recently was hidden away from prying eyes by a large layer of snow.


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