Project Rag Bone DI

American fashion brand Rag & Bone was founded relatively recently - in 2002. The brand name means "Rags and Bones", which is a perfect display of creative orientation of young designers. And one of the main "chip" of the brand, to create their photo shoots, was the departure from the photo-professionalism. Namely, all the shooting, which already participated Candice Sveynpol, Karolina Kurkova, Sasha Pivovarova and Miranda Kerr, took place in the amateur mode. That is the famous model girls taking pictures of themselves on their own clothing Rag & Bone. It was only a year ago rebels designers have decided to become a little more serious and change their amateur tradition, inviting to take a new advertising campaign itself Kate Moss and eminent photographer Craig Makdina. But, as it turned out, rebellious spirit still not extinguished, and made a break - David Neville and Marcus Wainwright for the joy of all renew their project DIY (Do It Yourself). And make a fresh breath in his revival was prompted Poppy Delevin - friend of Karl Lagerfeld and older sister Kara Delevin. So watch and enjoy the sensual, natural and very atmospheric images.


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