Beautiful Star 2013

Popular American edition has once again published a list of the most-the most beautiful women in the world according to his readers. And the main beauty of this year became Gwyneth Paltrow, slightly surprised even her herself: I thought that someone decided to make fun of me. Three times I reread the email that I sent to People, and still could not poverit.Sama Gwyneth does not feel such a beauty, but adheres to a healthy lifestyle and likes to exercise, judging by her graceful figure and blossoming mind.
Usually I walk around the house in jeans and a T-shirt. And it does not do makeup. This is what used to my children and my husband, too. He always jokes about it. If I "priodevayus," he says, "Wow, you're Gwyneth Paltrow!". Because he was used to seeing me in baggy shorts and with disheveled hair. For me, the beauty - is first of all to be in harmony with his vneshnostyua50f3f36b7.jpg

Also in the top ten were these beauties:
Kerry Washington
I do not think that should be ideal. All I have to do is enjoy your insane and non-ideal zhiznyu.064ec6a402.jpg

Amanda Seyfried
I was a little over 20 and my body looks exactly as it should. I can not deny that I think every day about their weight, I always keep this thought in mind. I like to be taut, but not emaciated - I run and do exercises, but then I still em.7326757f2e.jpg

Zooey Deschanel
I look in the mirror after a workout to remember the natural color of my cheeks and lips, and then pick up a blush and lipstick the same ottenka.Starayus buy food in good stores. In my diet must be vegetables, fruits, nuts, low-fat meat. I never kusochnichayu otherwise lose appetite for lunch or dinner. It is better to eat normally three times a day, but can do without snacks. Although, frankly, sometimes you want to eat something harmful. In such cases, I do vkusnyashek stocks in the refrigerator, but never touch them. I simply know that I can at any time of their vzyat.0c496eca1c.jpg

Jane Fonda
Which, wait a minute, last year celebrated 75 years!
I look good for 30 percent due to my genes, 30 per cent thanks to good sex, 30 percent - through sport and healthy lifestyles, and the remaining 10 percent, I have to thank my plastic hirurga.aadf0ac835.jpg

Jennifer Lawrence
When I starred in "X-Men", I knew that I would have to predstat naked before the world. And I wanted to look like a woman, not as a 13-year-old. I'm tired of the fact that people believe that women should be so vyglyadet.23ece0e76a.jpg

Kelly Rowland
Take all that is in you as a woman, even their nedostatki.12ea1f7d41.jpg

Halle Berry
It's nice when someone appreciates you for your inner beauty - this is a real compliment. There are days when I look at myself in the mirror and cry out, "Oh my God, is it really me?" 21b93c2dd3.jpg

Drew Barrymore
I do not want to be conceited or to be afraid of age. I do not think I'm capable of all, when it comes to plastic surgery. But if I want to do something, I'll do it. From my point of view, there is no reason to be afraid of aging, because if you lived to old age - you're in luck.

Where I have no chance of boredom, but to be honest, I just like to attract vnimanie.d9fffe64ab.jpg


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