SS Ayrfield

Old ship SS Ayrfield is one of many life ships sent to the Bay Homebush, west of Sydney. There is a whole cemetery unnecessary boats.

Until recently, this ship does not stand out among their peers. But thanks to the lush foliage of trees grown in the rusting hull of the ship, Ayrfield changed and got a second life. Now he is a local landmark that attracts the attention of visitors quiet rustling branches.

The massive 1,140-ton steel beast was built in 1911 in the UK. In 1912, recorded in Sydney. During World War II, the ship delivered the US forces in the Pacific. After the war he continued to serve in the Gulf Blekuottl.

Eventually, in 1972, SS Ayrfield was sent to the Homebush Bay, which turned into a "floating forest." That is the name he received because of the dense vegetation. That's the way nature to your taste transforms all that left people.


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