Additional room apartment (7 photos)

House Vackpack can be attributed to art and architecture. This walk-in sculpture with its own spatial qualities:
floating, illuminated room, which is also a temporary trestles and sculpture in a minimalist style.
Used mini-backpack as an additional space that can be attached to the front of each apartment building.
The project consists of welded steel cabin, used to strengthen steel cables on the roof or on the facade of the existing building.
Sculpture consists of cubic elements with dimensions: width 2.50 m, 2.50 m. In height and 3.60 m. In length.
The height of the top floor of a cubic element is approximately 10.50 m., And the total weight of the sculpture is about 2.0 tons.
So, if you want extra room for your apartment, it's possible to arrange because of this excellent idea.




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