Pet - a wild rhino

Pets are different, but this you just can not imagine even - 12-year-old girl named Elizabeth Tishchenko became friends in Kenya with a 2-ton wild rhino, which is called Max. Despite the fact that the animal can easily crush even the strongest man, such as Ukrainian weightlifter Vasily Virastjuk, Lisa is not afraid to spend time with a rhinoceros, calling him his pet. When this girl loves hugging his rather unusual behavior for people rhino, which pretty tough skin. Lisa and Max became best friends after the father of Lisa, Alexey Tishchenko, found an orphaned white rhino in Laikipia district in Kenya, where a wild animal was still quite malenkim.

Rhino calf was sent to a rehabilitation center Ol Pejeta Conservancy in Kenya, about three years ago, since Lisa started to go and visit him, calling his new friend Max. Despite the fact that the rhinos are known for their aggressive, five-year Max loves when Elizabeth gently stroking his back and scratching his belly like a puppy. Max also loves to ride on his back in the grass, just like a dog. He even lets his girlfriend Elizabeth pull its tail. Alex said with a smile, that Elizabeth is very happy about the fact that spending time with a rhinoceros and constantly talk about it.



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