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Admit it, you often brought into public places such as cafes or airports, occupy sockets with Freestuff electricity to recharge your gadgets bystrorazryazhayuschiesya? You something in a rush, but the owners of institutions is often not high. The first UIS trend prosekli Japanese who invented the outlet, which requires payment for electricity in public areas. Now the mood of the customers and owners of different points exactly will be swapped.
To use these sockets offer two versions of the script. The first offers to insert a special adapter that is used to identify the user and write-off of money for the use of electricity as a treasured. The second option: the use of sockets with built-in NFC or RFID-scanner - in this case, is enough to bring a compatible payment card to pay for access and connect to your device or integrated RFID-scanners, which need to bring a special payment card to gain access to All the same electricity. The Sony hopes to attach to their idea of ​​other leading electronics manufacturers. Fortunately, this is only a draft and such outlet will not soon, so you can still enjoy the freebies as it is. See also: Forecast Now you can "feel". In Holland invented the mirror with access to Twitter and Facebook. Hour solar station. Touchscreen can transfer texture materials.

Source: gagadget.com/other/2012-03-17-rozetki_sony_trebuyushchie_deneg_za_ispolzovanie_elektrichestva_v_obshchestvennykh_


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