Zach turned to the girl Zaki

In the UK, the earliest recorded case of gender identity disorder - a 5-year-old boy Zach Avery in agreement with the parents of the girl turned to Zaki. According to the parents of the child as a unique hermaphrodite, Theresa and Darren Avery Essex, very early, in the three years of their son, Zach began to give preference to clothes for girls and stopped playing with toys for the boys to kukol.

Photo: Zach Avery half years ago, when I was like a boy At first parents did not halt any value as a rather strange changes in the behavior of their son, but a year later Zack became completely abandon all boys' and was interested only in the fact that usually attracts girls .

Photo: already Zaki (right) with her parents and brother Alex Eventually Teresa and Darren, who have three more children, along with the doctors decided to help Zack fully become a girl named Zaki using hormone replacement therapy, since according to experts "despite the fact that he turned the boy's body, his brain tells him that he is a girl," so he is a transsexual. Despite the fact that parents miss their son, Zach, they respect the choice of their child, and now the 5-year-old Zaki live like any other girl - wearing pigtails, pink outfits and loves to play with dolls. See also: An eight-year Chinese woman several years nourishes the hair. The four-year Englishwoman passed the IQ-test 159 points. In the Book of Records was an Indian boy has 34 fingers. 12-year-old "Rapunzel" Brazil will sell scythe to make repairs in the apartment. In Britain, the five year old boy was first tonsured. The girl-wolf got into the Guinness Book of Records.



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